Startup like a boss


Startup like a boss

It’s a common situation to stop at one day and ask yourself “What do I do in this world!? And why do I do it?!!” that what would happen if don’t have an actual dream with many goals.  Let’s first agree on some points, dreaming is one of modern life’s essential facts, every one of us is good at something, just a disclaimer- and don’t try to convince yourself that you don’t have that one thing. Simply think about the old Chinese Ninja Master said “You do a move 1,000 Time you learnt how to do it right, you do a move 10,000 time then you have mastered the move, you do a move 100,000 time then you’re professional and you could start teaching people”,… but of course that was first said in Chinese!!!


What does that mean! It means that you must have something that you love and do better than others it might be something as simple as having fun with your friends in outings and you know the best places for fun. So like what another guy from a movie, whose name I don’t remember, “If you do something very professional, don’t do it for free” so why not! Why not to do the thing that you are really love and professional in it as a business with real cash payments and have it as your own startup! You just need the right way of implementation and delivering the idea to the end users, even that is really simple in matter of fact after you have the idea of your startup.

After having the idea and the best way of delivering it, you will need a team to share your journey and dream with. However, make sure you select your team the right way. At the beginning you will have 2 or 3 other team mates which cover the essential needs of the startup as business students, sales person or marketer and at some cases a developer.

It seems to be easy, doesn’t it?!
Actually it is not! Not even a little, not even close. But this life and if will not work in your very own idea and startup and build your own dream, somebody will hire you to work for him and build his dream. Having your own business, you will be your very own BOSS you will just have to have the passion enough to make it through the first few months or couple of years. And to get through that you have to believe and know that you will get to the place you wanna be at few years from now, and keep feeling like a boss cause you’re doing what you know best and do the most, adding to that how much you love it!!


Startup weekend is a global event that is held in all the world big cities where people with ideas get to find team mates and someone to teach them how to create a startup from scratch. Even that they me go home with a live business with sponsors. Lucky for you we now have a Startup Weekend Cairo, so if you wanna be Like a boss for the next few months buckle up for a  54 hours global event that need nothing but an idea and passion

By Mohamed Soliman El-Bagy, Social Media Team at Liberty Studios