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Startup Weekend Cairo 2013.

If you are a design, developer, marketer, … If you are interested in business or have an idea of a business that will be awesome if you started it.

Come and join Startup Weekend Cairo from 18 to 20 April.

It’s a 3 days event that you will go with your mind and skills ONLY, you are going to hear from the people who have ideas then you will join the team you feel that their idea is suitable with your skills and you can feel that they are going to win the competition.

After joining them, you –as a team- will work on your business for almost 54 hours in the same place to finish everything about it and to make the idea a running business with the magic of your team and their amazing skills. There will be coaches from different backgrounds and their main mission is to help you in all what you need, from advices to best practices in their fields, and this will help you a lot to start your work in the right way.

Finally, you will present your idea in front of all attendees from judges, teams, coaches and sponsors… It will be your chance to win and catch the opportunities as you can be funded from one of our sponsors, you can get incubated from one of the incubators in Egypt or to be given many services


Challenge it if you dare… No talk all actions, come and launch your startup in 54 hours.


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